Pre-Booking Guide

Please fill out my booking form below to request a date.

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This form is for new suitors only. If we have met before or you have already been verified in the past please just text or email.

If you have any questions not answered here or have a question after filling out my booking form, please email me at [email protected].


Please shower upon arrival if you have just come from work or have travelled far.

Respect for me and my space is met with great rewards.

Please do not arrive under the influence of alcohol or after a heavy night of drinking.

Please be sure to have read my Investment & FAQ pages carefully prior to inquiring.


Please see my booking form below to view what is required for screening.

I require some type of employment verification and identity verification.
No exceptions!

Your information is never stored or shared.

Cancellation Policy

When cancelling I ask for a 24-hour notice.
If you cancel with less than 24 hours, 50% of the initial appointment rate will apply if you’d like to reschedule your appointment.

No call no show will result in you not being able to book in the future.



Booking Form

General Info

I always prefer text over email if possible

Appointment Details


Your info is never shared, stored, or saved. I am a 100% discreet companion. I use this ONLY for my personal screening purposes.
Text to me at (720) 583-3327 if you do not feel comfortable uploading here (or if file is too large for upload). In this case, upload a random file as a placeholder. You are welcome to cover ONLY your home address NOT ID number

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